Advent Calendar DIY Part II and Activity Ideas

Welcome to Part II of the Advent Calendar DIY.  If you missed the Advent Calendar DIY Part I you can check it out.  Today we are going to focus on the finished product and what activities and ideas you can put inside your calendar.  I wanted to do a mix of both activities and actually items, so I started by making a list of what I wanted to include (you can see the list below).  Some activities needed to be done on certain days (like visiting Santa) so I mapped those days out first, then filled in the rest of the days with a mixture of items and activities.

Here are some Ideas for activities to include:
-Make Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows
-Take a drive to look at the lights
-Make cookies
-Read Twas the Night Before Christmas
-Watch Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
-Sing Christmas Songs
-Visit Santa
-Write a letter to Santa and mail it
-Make a Christmas ornament
-Make a gingerbread house
-Attend a Christmas Parade
-Go Ice Skating
-Make a Snow Globe
-Decorate gingerbread men
-Make handmade cards to send to family out of town
-Make a wreath
-Have a park day
-Have cinnamon rolls/donuts for breakfast
-Go to Columbia and watch the Candy Canes get made (then buy candy!)
-Go Sledding
-Plant a tree

Here are some ideas for treats to include:
-Candy Canes
-Hot Chocolate Packages (with marshmallows)
-Chocolate Santas
-Bag of Popcorn (for movie night)
-Hotwheels cars
-A special ornament for the tree
-A Christmas CD
-A favorite Christmas DVD/Blu-ray
-Measuring Spoons (for cookie-making day)
-A book (Christmas or not)

There are many more items and activities you could include in your advent calendar.  How about a picture a day?  Or maybe making a homemade gift each day during advent?  I hope you have fun making your calendar and remember to enjoy the time spent with your family!!

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