Change is good, right?

Well, in my world, change is good.  The more I grow and learn, the more I change.  My aesthetic and my style change.  The colors I like change.  And, as the world goes on, trends change.  And that is my segway into a new look for my blog.  I've been working super hard behind the scenes for months now getting everything ready. 

This means that over the next month as I implement these changes, you'll see my blog in a bit of a disarray.  Let's be real here for a minute.  I'm not rich.  I can't pay for someone to design my blog for me.  So, I spend my time learning and working on digital design, web design and code.  So much in fact my brain hurts, burns even.  Hopefully the switch will be quick, like ripping of a band-aid, but it may take me a couple weeks to get it all together.  Stay tuned… I'm really proud of how it's all coming together.  In the meantime, here is a little mood board that incorporates the feel of my new look. Mood Board


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