Project Life – Organizing Your Photos

I hope that you are enjoying my posts on beginning Project Life.  Today I wanted to talk a bit about photo organization.  Since the majority of this project is photo based, and if you are anything like me, I am going to assume that you will be taking an unimaginable amount of photos each week.  And, since there are only so many spaces on the page, you will only be using a few photos from each week.  SO, here are my little tips, and how I am organizing my photos.

First, start with a blank memory card.  It is SO. MUCH. EASIER. if you start with an empty card every week.  So, say you start on Monday (which is what I am doing) just keep taking pictures all week long.  Then, on Sunday, when you sit down to do your page(s), download all your photos from the card into your folder for the week (more on that in a minute).  That way, you know exactly what photos you have to work with AND your memory card is now empty again and ready for the coming week.  Make sense? 

So, this is how I am breaking down my folders:

Photo Organization Months

First I created a folder on my desktop simply called "Photos".  Then, in that folder I created a "2014" folder.  Then, in that folder I created 12 folders all labeled with the months (see picture above).

Photo Organization Weeks

Then, in each month I created 4 folders, labeled week 1, week 2 and so on.  I didn't want to go through and name each folder the exact date because I will know what dates I am working on and it is a super time intensive process, but if you need to do that to stay organized, by all means, do what works for you. 

Then, for instance tomorrow, when I am working on January, Week 1, I will open my photos, 2014, January, Week 1 and move all the pictures from my camera into this folder.  I know, since I started with an empty memory card, that all my photos are strictly from this week.  You don't even have to necessarily make your page every week…. but if you keep your photos organized, you will have a MUCH easier time creating your pages when you are ready to do so. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and if you have any questions, please let me know. 

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