Starting Project Life in 2014

Being around the paper crafting industry, I've heard about Project Life for a while now.  But, I always just moved passed it because, well, I'm not a scrapbooker.  I am primarily a card maker.  And while I LOVE scrapbooks (and the people who make them) I am just not super talented in that area, nor had really had an interest to try it.  It's too big of a canvas, for me, too much detail, too much time. 

Well, all that changed at the end of summer.  I had joined the Studio Calico community and began chatting up the message boards and browsing the gallery.  I saw Project Life (PL) spreads everywhere.  I started looking at them.  Enjoying them.  And thinking… I can do this!!  So, I made the decision that I was going to do a 12 x 12 Project Life album in 2014. 

I started by purchasing my album and some page projectors, Design A, the most basic and typcial design.  I started to make a plan as to how I was going to go about organizing things and working on this project.  What I decided on was a weekly format.  This means, that every week I am going to do a page about what happened during that week. 

So, here we are…. the first week is next week.  I joined the Studio Calico Project Life monthly subscription kit (it's filled with everything you need to do your pages every month) and I ordered a few of this years kits during the black friday sale.  I'm ready to go.  I'm excited!!

So, I already did my first page… the Title Page… the first page of my album… setting the tone.  Here you go:

PL Title Page 2014

PL Title Page 2014 close up 1

PL Title Page 2014 close up 2

Do you do Project Life?  Are you starting new this year?  Over the next two weeks or so I will be sharing my process and how everything is going.  I'll go over what products I'm using and how I'm organizing it all.  Plus, I'll be sharing all my pages over the course of the year.  

*I get points from Studio Calico if you use my link and sign up for a kit.  I'm not sponsored by them, and all opinions are my own, I just really love them.

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